How Making A Website Using WordPress Looks Like In A Timelapse

Noah Krasser

For my latest web-project, I found it would be cool to record a timelapse of the process, like those speed art videos.


I'm starting the video from scratch and begin with setting up WordPress. After that, I create a logo and search for fitting fonts and expressive colors that should convey the identity of the project.

The longest part is the implementation of the functionality and the general design I prototyped earlier.

In the end, I have a solid framework available to further work with.

What's still to do

The video only shows the most interesting parts (except for making the website adaptive/responsive to mobile devices, which I didn't include as I'm following a desktop-first approach).

I still need to design some additional, "uninteresting" pages and add the last touch.

And of course filling the site with content which is even more uninteresting for a video of course.


Software used

  • WordPress
    A great CMS
  • Oxygen Builder
    A great visual page builder with advanced functionality. I can achieve the same results as if I wrote my HTML/CSS/PHP manually but in a 10th of the time. Giant time-saver.
  • Affinity Designer
    For all my vector-needs (e.g. designing the logo).
  • Affinity Photo
    For all my rastered needs (e.g. post-processing of photos).


I am using the German Hoster "Hetzner" for all my projects. In this project I used a managed server but I also enjoy their virtual cloud servers very much.

Hands-down best Hoster I ever had. Packed with functionality, prices are amazing and you can even pay your bills monthly instead of yearly.

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