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116+ Interesting And Strange Subreddits You Should Follow

Reddit is such a giant place. I stumble upon new, interesting subreddits with hundreds of thousands of followers on a weekly base, even though I already use the platform for years. I actually had to update this article within 5 hours of finishing it, because I found two more interesting subreddits. The subreddits marked with […]

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Build Your Own Highlighter Fountain Pen

I want to use fountain pens for as much as I can. Unfortunately, there are some limitations. For example, issuing bills or highlighting text. The latter has just changed though when I finally received the ingredients for my very own highlighter fountain pen. That's what you will need: A fountain pen of your choice with […]

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Ink Comparison: Diamine Asa Blue, Majestic Blue, Sapphire Blue, Sargasso Sea, Oxford Blue, Midnight Blue

Finding the perfect ink is hard. I by myself am on the search for the perfect dark, deep blue. I went for Asa Blue, Majestic Blue, Sargasso Sea and Oxford Blue in 80 ml flasks. My free samples are Sapphire Blue and Midnight Blue. For my use (dark, deep blue) I like Asa Blue the […]

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How Making A Website Using WordPress Looks Like In A Timelapse

For my latest web-project, I found it would be cool to record a timelapse of the process, like those speed art videos. Explanation I'm starting the video from scratch and begin with setting up WordPress. After that, I create a logo and search for fitting fonts and expressive colors that should convey the identity of […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Using Reddit As Free Viral Traffic Source

Introduction Reddit is a really unique social network. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, you have access to millions of users at your fingertips without the need of a single follower or audience-building. But that's exactly what makes it especially tricky to use reddit as a marketing platform. Because when redditors sense even the slightest corporate interest […]

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