SWR-Meter Zip-Tie Mount

This small and easy-to-print model uses the housing screws for mounting. I designed it to be used with the Albrecht SWR-30 but it is probably compatible with a bunch of other SWR-Meters as well.
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Albrecht AE5890 Station-Stand

This stand elevates your Albrecht AE5890 by a few centimeters which makes using it stationary much more comfortable. Just screw it on like you would the handle it comes with.
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Wire Antenna Fishing Rod Holder

Fishing rods (with lengths of around 8 meters) are often used to hold (portable) wire antennas in the air (T2LT antenna). This top piece can be stuck on top of the fishing rod and has a small grommet you can use to pull the coax cable through.
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Floureon PMR-446 Radio Car Holder

This holder is designed to be put into the cd-slot of the car radio. 
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Uhrturm Graz

The symbol of Graz.
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